The label is one of the elements of packaging with the longest history and that has not made it any less attractive for major brands. We at TGB remain committed to labels.

We carry out offset printing on all types of material for self-adhesive labels: plastics, such as polyethylene, polypropylene or polyester; coated matt or gloss paper. They can have different types of finishing: in-line die-cut, COLD STAMPING application, UV or acrylic coating, or plastic lamination. Sequential alphanumeric codes and other types of promotional code are also possible.

It is a type of label that offers great benefits in relation to its application or placement, whether manual or automatic. It can also be applied to plastic, metal or glass packaging, without distinction.

The application of labels can be directed at sectors as diverse as food, pharmaceuticals, sports, cosmetics or manufacturing, with specific properties depending on usage.

The labels can be provided in a reel or zigzag, or can be pre-cut.