These are labels made from paper and, especially, BOPP; they represent the best solution for clients wanting large volumes of labels in high-speed, low-cost processes.

They can be delivered in reels, as roll-fed labels or, in cut-and-stack format, depending on the client’s process and machinery. They are sealed with glue rather than heat-sealed, the most common procedure in flexible packaging.

As regards materials, transparent, white or metallised BOPP is used, with densities between 0.91 and 0.98 g per cm3. There is also the possibility of working in white BOPP with cavities and a density of 0.72 g per cm3, which is a more cost-effective material because of its characteristic of having small concentrations of air inside the material.

The thickness of the materials varies between 35/40 microns for labels delivered in reels, and 55/65 microns for pre-cut labels.