Shrink Sleeves can cover 100% of every side of a piece of packaging. This provides more communication and design space, attracting the end-consumer’s attention to the product.

They can fit around any type of packaging, perform the role of security seal, provide a barrier effect against light, and even be used for promotional packaging purposes.

The process of manufacturing the sleeve goes through an initial design stage in which, where required, anamorphic distortions are applied to the idea for the final image using specialist software, so that the product keeps the appearance of the original design once it has been shrunk. Once this design has been produced, we print onto the material appropriate for the need (PET, PVC, OPP, OPS or PLA), shape and seal the sleeve with the necessary Lay-Flat, and, finally, deliver to the client, or its handler, in a reel, in reams or die-cut.

For adaptation to container, hot-air or vapour ovens are used, depending on the handler’s capabilities.

As well as more common and better-known Shrink Sleeves, we also manufacture Roll-on Shrink-on Sleeves, which are applied as if they were a wrap-around label to products that require very little shrinking (around 15-20%), and Stretch Sleeves, made of PE, which expand to fit the shape of the container to which they will end up being joined by the “memory effect”.

We carry out high-quality offset printing, combined with flexography units, as well as with Cold Stamping, and with in-line rotary magnetic die-cutting.

We offer converting with finishes for shrink tubing, special two-part finishes with parallel seaming, as well as cross-linked two-part and three-part finishes, and die-cutting with the possibility of pre-cutting.

Finally, in order to offer our clients a complete service, we have the possibility of managing the handling, consisting of placing in ovens for shrinkage, and then grouping them together and palletising them.