What we offer
Offset printing enables us to produce better quality, with more precise screen angles, which give texts greater definition while using fewer colours. With offset, we can produce orders that are beyond the capabilities of rotogravure and flexography.  [+info]
Let’s talk about pre-printing times:
While preparing rotogravure printing cylinders can take several days and preparing flexography plates at least 48 hours, we will have offset plates ready in 1 hour. This speed lets us make a great variety of models and designs in a short time and with greater flexibility.  [+info]
With offset technology, we manage to print with less ink and, with the system of electron-beam curing, we use much less energy. This results in more attractive prices for our clients. Offset not only increases our quality and speed, but also makes us more competitive.  [+info]
The inks for EB offset are oil-based without solvents and, since they are cured by electron beam, they do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or CO2 as waste products. That means there are ZERO emissions and NO environmental impact.  [+info]
EB inks do not need photoinitiators to cure them, which reduces migration risk to a minimum; this constitutes a complete guarantee of safety in the food market.  [+info]
Our know-how in the communication, direct marketing and promotions markets enables us to apply many of the mechanisms and technologies used in this field of personalised communication to the production of labels and flexible packaging: completely variable BIDI codes, promotional codes and perforated tear lines, seals with re-moist glue and, in short, ONE-TO-ONE personalisation of the packaging with SMART LABELS and SMART-FLEXIBLE PACKAGING, by personalising packaging and making it stand out. Packaging with added value.  [+info]